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In the early 2013PTStania Bara Consulting working on coal project of Sumatra and KalimantanThe following is a project of coal has been and is being done. 

In this below is a Project COAL Mining Companies that have cooperated with the SBC:

Coal Project in 2013:

  • 1. Supervision of Drilling for JORC Reporting, PLN-IUP AYP (On Progress)
  • 2. Supervision of Drilling for JORC Reporting, PT. Timah
  • 3. Recognizing and Test Pit for PT. Bumi Reksa Halmahera - PT. Shore
  • 4. Coal Geological Modeling and Resource Estimation IUP BPJE for PT. PLN Batubara
  • 5. Drilling Supervision for JORC Compliance, PT Bara Naga
  • 6. Topography Mapping Supervision for Coal Technical Due Diligence Preparation, IUP BPJE, PT. PLN Batubara
  • 7. Exploration Supervision for JORC Reporting Preparation, LAPI-ITB (CPMM)
Past Project:

  • Coal Reserve Estimation at Binungan area, PT. Pamapersada Nusantara
  • Coal Reserve Estimation at Cirenti, PT Bukit Asam
  • Coal Reserve Estimation at PT. Arutmin Indonesia
  • Coal Reserve Estimation at PT. Vietmindo Energitama
  • Coal Reserve Estimation at PT. Fajar Bumi Sakti
  • Coal Reserve Estimation and Pit Limit Design at Block 2 Sungai Merdeka, PT. Indocoal Pratama Jaya
  • Exploration Planning, Pit Limit Design and Coal Reserve estimation at PT. Supra Bara Energi
  • DeskStudy for Coal Exploration at PT. Tunas Muda Jaya (COW No.065/PK/PCI-SBU/IV/2005)
  • Seam Modeling, Coal Resource and Reserve Estimation at PT. Multi Harapan Utama – Jonggon area for PT. Kasuari
  • Seam Modeling, Coal Resource and Reserve Estimation and Pit Limit Design at PT. Rukun Makmur on Batu tungku Area, Tapin, South Kalimantan
  • Coal Reserve modeling at Block C1 and Set up Datamine System for PT. Tanjung Alam Jaya (PT. Timah)
  • DeskStudy for Coal Reserve estimation, ReModeling and Pit Limit Design at Sungai Merdeka Area Block I,II,III, and IV for PT. Indocoal Pratama Jaya
  • Seam Modeling, Coal Resource and Reserve Estimation, and Pit Limit Design of Coal Mining KUD Karya Tani Area 100 Ha at Sabintulung area, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan for PT. Dewata
  • Techninal Assesment fot PT. Koneba / PT. PLN (Persero) within several mining company on east kalimantan which registered on supplier low rank coal candidates for power plant PT. PLN
  • Coal Re-estimation resource PKP2B area, PT Tanjung Alam Jaya, South Kalimantan
  • Coal resource and reserve estimation area 1.510 Ha, Ktn 2008 002 Ep Muara Kaman, Kutai Kartanegara. East Kalimantan, PT. Dewata
  • Due Diligance in coal KP’s PT. Megapura Prima Industri and PT. Kawasan Membrano Pasifik
  • Technical Due Diligance and cost appraisal area of PT. Antang Gunung Meratus and PT. Bangun Benua Persada Kalimantan for PT Indonesia Coal Resources-a subsidiary of PT. Antam Tbk, South Kalimantan
  • JORC Reporting for Coking Coal Resource, PT Anugrah Geosurvey
  • Exploration programme (geological mapping, drilling, modelling, resource-reserve estimation, and reporting), Kalimantan, Joint Venture of PT. Dewata and PT. Pinang Coal Indonesia (Noble Group)
  • Review and Coal Resource Estimation KP Kutai Energi, East Kalimantan for PT Pamapersada Nusantara
  • Technical Due Diligence KP TMI, Jambi, for for PT Indonesia Coal Resources-a subsidiary of PT Antam, Tbk
  • Technical Due Diligence KP PPCI for SK Energy
  • Detail Drilling KP JA, East Kalimantan, PT. Dewata
  • Detail Drilling KP IP, East Kalimantan, PT. Dewata
  • Technical Due Diligence PKP2B KBB for SK Networks
  • Coal Geological Modelling & Estimation for PAMA
  • Review Laporan Kajian Teknis Prospek Batubara, PT. Titan Mining
  • Coal Exploration Management, PT. Gunung Bara Utama
  • Data Exploration Review for JORC Reporting Preparation, PT. Prima Bara Indonesia

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