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In the early 2014PTStania Bara Consulting working on graphite project of Maluku and KalimantanThe following is a project of graphite has been and is being done. 

In this below is a Project Graphite  Mining Companies that have cooperated with the SBC:

Graphite Project in 2014:

  • 1. Site Visit Pulau Seram, Maluku . PT. Grafindo Nusantara
  • 2. Site Visit Sambas, west Kalimantan. PT. Grafindo Nusantara
  • 3. Managemen Database exploration and sampling, west Kalimantan. PT. Grafindo Nusantara
  • 4. Data training coleccting exploration activities, west Kalimantan. PT. Grafindo Nusantara
  • 5. Geological modeling and resource estimation graphite, West Kalimantan. PT. Grafindo Nusantara
  • 6. .....

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