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CAE mining is at the forefront of the industry in developing and providing innovative technology and services to plan, manage and optimise mining operations. With operations in nine countries, CAE Mining offers enhanced solutions ranging from exploration data management and ore-body modelling, to mine planning and operations management...

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Stania Bara Consulting offers a wide range of training services to suit every need, including standard and customized training programs specific to your individual business systems and outcomes.

Mining Courses

Your day to day activities are geared toward maximizing the resource and profit of your operations. The following training courses have been designed to provide you with skills required to apply our software tools to their greatest potensial. As well as the training courses listed below, SBC regularly provides bespoke training programs to meet your specific requirements.

Training Topics for Strat3D

CAE Strat3D is a practical stratigraphic modeling system dedicated to managing resource and reserve data arising from stratigraphic deposits. Strat3D represents a step change in the mathematical modeling of stratiform geology to create excellent 3D models for visualization, classification, evaluation, and ultimately, mine planning. In this training, you will find principles and associated with the following topics

1. Geology Modeling :

  • Getting Started : Create New Project, Copying Input Files to Input Folder, Closing and Opening an   Existing Project
  • The Interface of Strat3D : Project Taskbar and Navigation Bar, Input Task Set, Structure, Quality, Evaluation and Reporting Task Set, Visualization Task
  • Importing, Validating, and Building Drillholes
  • Define Strata : Import Strata From Holes, Modeling Defined Strata, Split Stratum Into Sub Strata, Set the color of each stratum
  • Define Faults : Selecting and Viewing Faults, Create New Fault, Define Attributes of Fault, Rename a Fault, Adjust Dip and Throw, Deleting an Existing Fault
  • Setup Qualities Modeling Parameters : Import Quality Data Definition, Setup Quality Interpolation
  • Correlation : Select Holes to Correlate, Navigation in Correlation Window, Format Display in Correlation Window, Change Strata Interpretation, Strata Depth Correction
  • Define Sections : Section From 1 Point, Section From 2 Point, Section From 3 Point, Multiple Sections
  • Create Expressions : Create Custom Expressions , Visualizing The Holes Using Expression That Has Been Created
  • Drillhole Analysis : Statistics Analysis of The Imported Holes, Create Histogram For Quality, Create Scatter Plot For Quality, Create Contour For Quality
  • Create Structure Model : Set Modeling Parameters, Run Model, View The Reports, Analyzing The 3D Model, Visualizing The Strata Wireframes

2. Grade Estimation & Evaluation :

  • Quality Modeling : Run the Quality Interpolation, Analyzing The Qualities, Creating A New Legend, Visualizing The Model With Qualities
  • Resource Evaluation :  Defining The Regions To Evaluate, Evaluate The Resources
  • Reporting : Displaying The Fault, The Strata And The LOX Wireframes In The VR Window, Plotting The Fault And The Strata Wireframes, Planning Future Drillholes, Exporting The Strata Model

Course Duration : 2 (Two Days)

Cost of Investment : Rp. 1.000.000


  • Course run from 09:00AM to 17:00PM, Please arrive at the training venue 15 minutes prior to course commencement
  • The participant are required to bring their own notebook because the software will install on each participant
  • The participant receive a certificate
  • The participant receive training modules

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