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In this training you will construct a block model based on the 3D geology wireframes model files. The model will have an upper constraint defined by the topography and use the ore body volume wireframe to control the internal constraints between ore and waste. The resultant model will be used in the following section which deals with estimation of grade/quality into the model cells. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections:

1.  Introduction:

Exercises in this section are :

  • Create suitable prototype model parameters
  • Filling the 3D geology wireframe with block models
  • Combine block model files become one file
  • Optimised the combination of block model 

2.  Grade Estimation:

In this section you will estimate the grades on block model based on grade information on drillholes, the exercises are:

  • Create estimation parameter (search ellipse)
  • Estimating grade into block model using some methods

3.  Tonnes and Grade Calculation:

In this section you will evaluate the block model that has been estimated before to get tonnage of resources (resources estimation)

Course Duration : 1 (One Day)

Cost of Investment : Rp. 1.500.000


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